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Free Shipping On Orders $89.99+
Free Shipping On Orders $89.99+

About us

Who We Are

OTOUCH PTY LTD is one of the leading distributors of pet products in Australia. We created Pet Supplies Australia to website quality products to dog lovers, pets & families around Australia, healthful products and ship across the Australia—often within 7 or 21 days. But it doesn’t stop there. The heart of our business is to improve the lives of pets, and their pet parents. We had a realization that there was a lack of presence for innovative pet products in the North American market, like a ultra clean pet water fountain.

Since then OTOUCH has partnered with leading players in the smart pet products category to introduce innovative products to all pet owners. As we continue to grow, we focus on innovation, tackling pain points for pet parents and simplifying pet care.

​Ultimately, our focus is always on curating and improving experiences between pet parents and pets.

We Focus on the Future

We love engaging with pet owners like us in conversations about the values we all share when it comes to pet care. All pets are unique, and the times we share together are not only precious but also valuable learning moments to understand our pets even better.
A pet owners’ dream is for their pets to be able to tell them exactly what they need, and with innovative data and technology, OTOUCH can help make that happen. You and your pet are just as much a part of the conversation about the future of pet ownership and together, we can elevate the potential for pet care with new opportunities and broadened possibilities.

Thank you for your loyalty and the wonderful reviews you have given us. We are committed to creating the highest quality product and providing the very best customer service and care. It is our ultimate goal to keep our customers satisfied and to provide a supply of clean healthy water for their pets with our line, ultra clean pet water fountain that are 100% food-safe, easy to clean and keep clean. You are our best advertisers and we look forward to continuing to provide you with the best cat fountains in the world. Please feel free to send us your thoughts and comments.


If you have any questions, send us a message at our email address:


Phone No: +61 489 948 445
Address: 3 Kemsley Court, Hawthorn East, Vic 3123
Support: Monday to Friday, 9AM – 5PM AEST
Australian Company Number: 663 615 665