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What are the Differences Between DOGCARE Clippers and Normal Clipper.

What are the Differences Between DOGCARE Clippers and Normal Clipper.

If you’re looking for dog grooming clippers for your pup, you might not even know where to begin. Aren’t they all the same? There are actually different types of dog clippers, brands and they have different uses when it comes to cutting your pup’s hair.


How much should I spend on dog clippers?

This depends on a couple of different factors, including how thick or long your dog’s fur is, how nervous they are, and how often you think you’ll need to do the job. Do not necessarily be tempted to go for the cheapest option, especially if it is something you need to do frequently, as you could end up having to shell out again if they don’t perform too well. 

Do all dogs need clippers?

No. If your dog has very short hair, it is unlikely that you’ll need dog clippers. That said, even dogs with short hair can sometimes benefit from clipping in certain areas, such as around the eyes, in between their paw pads and around their rear end.

How to find the best dog clippers?

When choosing products for your dog’s grooming routine, you can be amazed at the range available. If you are paying top-notch to have your dog groomed at a professional salon, you could save yourself a lot of cash by taking matters into your own hands.

You will need a good set of clippers if your dog has long or thick fur. Investing in a quality pair that will do a good job can save a fortune compared to visiting the groomer, so it’s worth doing a little bit of research before choosing.

According to groomers, the type of clipper you buy will depend on what you’re planning to use it for, since the various styles of clippers are typically used for different purposes.

It’s also sensible, if you have a nervous or anxious dog, to do the grooming yourself. Some dogs don’t cope well with being left with a stranger for a long time, and it can also be a good way to bond with your pet.

Disadvantages of using NORMAL dog clippers

Aside from not lasting long enough, cheaply made dog hair clippers have other disadvantages. Usually, it's the lack of “strength” of the clippers, which makes grooming medium to long coats a real hassle. There's a lack of necessary features, such as the cooling of the handle, which gets hot about 5 minutes into grooming, and a few other aspects.

If you browse customer reviews on some websites for some of those dog hair clippers on, say, Amazon, you will see a trend that purchasing budget items as a way to save money is not the best decision. Why? Because the better grooming equipment the less chance of needing to make corrective payments. That includes vet’s appointments because your dog accidentally got clipper burn from a cheap motor, buying a second dog clipper because your first one broke out of the box, or having to schedule an appointment with a professional groomer because the first clipping session went so terribly and ineffectively wrong that you swore off it for good.


Why DogCares Clippers are your best option?

Our Smart Pet Clippers will usually make the job of grooming that much easier. These will be a long-lasting item too, meaning that the cost of grooming wouldn’t continue to build up—you would not need to buy new pet clippers every year. We all love saving money, and a $50 - $120 charge that you pay for a set of our premium dog clippers is more cost-effective in the long run than paying for professional groomers repeatedly, year after year. It comes with a quiet and gentle clipping under Quiet Mode operating in low noise, best for sensitive pets. Its Original Smart Mode senses the level and thickness of pet hair and automatically adjusts to optimal speed. Moreover, we added it with Patented Heatproof Blades to protect your pets from extreme heat and keep them calm during grooming.

We offer three alternatives.

  • The DogCare Ultra Quiet Pet ClipperThis cordless clipper kit will get the job done while not leaving you broke. While you probably won’t find these clippers in the hands of a professional groomer, they have plenty of power for the occasional grooming session at home that most dog-owners need. These clippers are quiet and capable of cutting through your average medium coat, and the cordless feature makes grooming around your dog and furniture easier. It also allows you to do it outside to save time when cleaning up.


  • Smart Pet Clipper LiteOnce fully charged, you can use this professional dog clipper for up to 3 running hours. The LED auxiliary light can illuminate tricky areas for easier and safer trimming. Especially, hair clipping is a process of finding out whether there are scratches or parasites on your pet. Moreover, you can use this clipper for small and large breeds of dogs.

  • Short & Sweet DLX Smart Pet Clipper:Get professional-grade results at home with our three-mode cordless clipper. We appreciate the build quality and ergonomic, easy-to-hold shape of this clipper. This is a powerful dog clipper that makes quick work of any grooming job. 


A common attribute off all our clippers are that reviewers especially liked how quiet these cordless grooming kit were. This is especially important for sensitive dogs or those who are frightened by loud, motorized noises. This product may even be quiet enough to use on cats without scaring them.


How to use dog clippers

Here are some tips for how to use dog grooming clippers to cut your pup’s hair:

Make sure your clipper blades have all of their teeth and that the blades are firmly attached before you start cutting.

Dog clippers should always be used with caution, you should always clip with the grain of the pet’s hair and pay special attention to sensitive areas or ones with extra folds, such as the neck, behind the ears, the groin and the legs.

“Always make sure to periodically check your blades while clipping,” A professional groomer said. “Every style of clipper will heat up. Test the blade on the inside of your forearm. If it is uncomfortably warm for you, it is uncomfortably warm for your pet.” If the clipper gets too warm, you should switch blades or stop trimming and let it cool down for a few minutes.

“Remember — clipping dog hair is like mowing the lawn! you will get better and safer results if you go slower and let the clipper and blade do the work. Forcing the clipper will not make the job faster but does increase the risk of injury and the need to go over the coat several times.” Was the stylist's last advice.

When it comes to finding the best product, DogCare fills all the characteristics a professional tool requires and within just a click!. We paid close attention to cutting quality, accessories, noise levels, and price-to-performance ratio to help you make the best purchase. Our Clippers are not only supercharged by a professional heavy-duty motor, it comes with a smart mode that senses the level and thickness of pet hair and automatically adjusts to optimal speed as well, but also it is quiet and gentle clipping under Quiet Mode, best for sensitive pets. Not to mention that the blades are heatproof!

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